Medical Translations

The field of medicine is always in the spotlight. In order to achieve the desired impact, a large portion of specialized medical journals publish only in English, considered the language of global communication. This requirement imposes on researchers the need to write or translate their findings into English. In addition to journals, we know that many people, when immigrating to a country, often do not speak the language, which complicates preliminary interviews for medical care. These intake forms are also important, which is why many American hospitals send these interview forms for translation, not only into Portuguese, but also Spanish.

Another important area in which we operate is the translation of medication usage manuals, equipment manuals, and informational materials. Therefore, we can affirm that medical translation plays a crucial role in information sharing and scientific exchange.

This level of responsibility required from translators a deep understanding of the specific terminology and jargon in both the target and source languages. This is one of the key strengths of the GPXLator team.

Our team of knowledgeable and dynamic professionals are passionate about their work, much like the doctors and scientists who are constantly seeking new ways to enhance and preserve lives.

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