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We are a translation and localization company committed to providing excellent care and building trust with our clients. Our team of native translators from around the world possess the skills and expertise your company requires. We are dedicated, efficient, and innovative, qualities that allow us to achieve superior results.


With years of experience in the market, GPXLator boasts a brilliant track record. Established in 2012, our company has built a loyal and reputable client base. Our team’s strong sense of unity shines through in our work, delivering exceptional results every time.


Break down language barriers and effectively communicate with your potential clients in a clear and concise manner. The GPXLator team consists of native translators in various languages to provide you with top-quality translations in the following languages:

• Portuguese (BR) and (PT)

• Português (BR) e (PT)

• Spanish (LA) and (ES)

• Espanhol (LA)e (ES)

• English

• Inglês

• French

• Korean

• Coreano

• Thai

• Tailandês

• German

• Alemão

• Arabic

• Italian

• Mandarin

• Português (BR) e (PT)

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Preencha os campos abaixo para solicitar seu orçamento, e nossa equipe entrará em conta o mais breve possível. No campo “Mensagem”, descreva o serviço de seu interesse, junto do máximo de informações que puder sobre o seu documento (idioma de origem e de destino, formato do documento e número aproximado de palavras, etc). Isso tornará o orçamento mais completo.


Fill in the fields below to request your quote, and our team will contact you as soon as possible. In the “Message” field, describe the service you are interested in, along with as much information as you can about your document (source and target language, document format and approximate number of words, etc.). This will make the budget more complete.


The accounting world requires flexibility and creativity at all times. With this in mind, our team of innovative and dedicated professionals work tirelessly to achieve the desired outcomes. Our mission is to pursue our passion while also helping you reach your goals.


Words hold immense power. They have the ability to touch and transform lives. Translation is the art of transmuting feelings, ideas, and concepts from one culture to another, bridging the gap between them. It is a tool that allows people to see themselves as part of the same universe. Love, hope, solidarity, and empathy are sentiments that our company shares with society. We believe that we progress together when we support and celebrate each other’s victories.


We take pride in upholding integrity, professional ethics, loyalty, and respect for life and family as our core values. Hard work, positive energy, and creativity are the guiding principles of GPTLator.


The inception of GPXLator was born from the belief that translation is about breaking barriers, bringing people together, and sharing knowledge. Guilherme Pavarini, the visionary CEO of the company, embodies values such as determination, innovation, hard work, sensitivity, ethics, and professionalism. He believes that teamwork and communication are essential for achieving excellence.

With a proven track record of success in multinational corporations, Guilherme Pavarini has worked in project execution and management, as well as supplier and production management, directly interacting with international clients. In 2012, Pavarini decided to pave his own path and founded GPXLator. Since then, he has been fully dedicated to translation, continuing his journey and providing services for major companies such as Google and Apple.

The GPXLator team is comprised of exceptional professionals with outstanding human and professional qualities. In addition to their qualifications, the team is attentive and concerned about global developments. Their curiosity and empathy are reflected in the results of their work, as personalized client service and project management are our key strengths. The diverse and dedicated professionals at GPXLator are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.



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