Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) have been a reality in the translation market for some time now. While machine translations may not always be accurate due to the limitations of AI, they can be extremely helpful in situations where the word count is high, the client has budget constraints, or the deadline is tight.

However, since there is no perfect automatic translation, this is where translation professionals come in with MTPE – a process that involves revising the automated translation. This is not about rewriting the text created by the machine, but rather about standardizing terminology, adapting content to the culture of the target country, ensuring text fluency, and following any specific guidelines provided by the client beforehand.

MTPE is commonly utilized in scenarios where efficiency and speed are paramount, serving as a middle ground between fully automated machine translation and traditional human translation. This approach leverages the strengths of machine translation and human expertise to generate high-quality translations more quickly and cost-effectively than manual translation alone.

In recent years, GPXLator has reviewed over 10 million words translated through MT.

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