Transcription and Subtitlint

Both transcription and subtitling are activities that stem from a single product: sound. However, they are different. Transcription involves recording in written form and in the same language what is recorded in audio, while subtitling involves recording in written form and in another language what is being said.

Transcription can be done in two ways: literal or revised. In the literal form, errors, inconsistencies, pauses, are kept, while in the revised form the language is adjusted to standard norms. Subtitling, on the other hand, can be done in various languages and in different video formats. It is also produced according to the audio and timing (image duration) and can be attached to the video or directly recorded on the image.

One can transcribe and subtitle various types of content such as lectures, interviews, meetings, classes, movies, series, and recordings for legal purposes. In the case of subtitling, it must undergo the localization process, meaning it should be tailored to the target audience, and the GPXLator team is an authority in this regard.

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